Penis Power!!

Do you have penis power? Do you know what penis power is? Gather ’round…

This clip was posted by AllHipHop. It is 2 sistas having a conversation about sex… but one sista preaches the wrath of penis power, and how it breaks down a woman. This is a crazy one for sure.

Here are some lines you might enjoy before watching:

Some men, they have so much heat and intensity in they pe-nus… that you can feel it radiating through they clothes.

This man won’t even buy you some shrimp from Long John Silver’s.

He breakin her down man!

..PhDs.. Master degrees in acadamia.. but i have a master degree in bein played by men…

Here is the video… leave a comment, its pretty wild.

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Video Footage of Cho Seung-hui (Virginia Tech Shooter) and Violent Play

Most of the stuff posted here is happy/upbeat but today i want to post a clip from the media package Cho Seung-hui sent to NBC.

Although most, if not all, people have heard about what this individual did but to sum it up, here is an excerpt from a newspaper:

The gunman responsible for at least the second of the two Virginia Tech attacks that claimed 33 lives to become the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history has been identified as Cho Seung-Hui, a campus student in the United States on a permanent resident visa, Virginia Tech police said Tuesday.

Here is some footage that was submitted:

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Additionally Cho Seung-hui authored an extremely violent play which told of a pedophilic stepfather, and the murder of 13-year-old boy.

[Link to the Cho Seung-hui’s Play @]