Reality TV Editing Tricks

This is a small clip from Charlie Broker’s Screenwipe — a show from the BBC.

In the clip he gives a look into reality television and how it is edited together to create stories that can be 100% opposite from the context in which the video was shot.

This is filed under Amazing AND WTF? simply because reality television has become a huge success by undermining the intelligence of it’s viewers which is, to me, amazing and rightly deserves a WTF stamp.

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John McCain’s MySpace Page Hacked

Here is a tasty nugget I picked up over @ tech crunch. John McCain’s myspace page was hacked, er… “enhanced” when his staff used a profile template designed by Mike Davidson.

Mike Davidson gives out the myspace profiles for free as long as you credit him as the author, but apparently McCain’s staff removed the mandatory credit link and in retaliation Mike Davidson pulled the ol Switch a Roo on one of his images.

[Link to Techcrunch]

Wayne Dalglish – This Kid Will Kick Your Ass

Wayne Dalglish might just be some kid but he can kick some serious ASS. This kid has some blood curdling screams that would probably scare someone away before needing to actually assault them.

The three videos in this post are from different events he performed at — 2 include a bo staff and one is weaponless. Make sure you have sound so his primal screams can be fully enjoyed.

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