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A Master of His Yo Yo

This guy has some amazing skills with the yo yo.

Here is a fun fact:  I have a Yo Yo too.
Here is another fun fact:  This guy is so good @ yo yoing you probably would feel inferior just standing next to him will make you feel like an ass.
Here is a third fun fact:  The video comes from Michael (the crazy dago) — thanks man!

It looks like this was a Duncan sponsored event as Duncan is a pretty well known maker of yo-yo units and strings.  So before i post the clip here is a fact that you may have not known about Yo-Yos and Duncan:

“Originally constructed from wild boar sinew and papaya tree wood the outer edge of these ancient yo-yos were carved into teeth, which ensured maximum damage, but made the return catch particularly hazardous. When Captain Cook arrived in the Philippines in the 1500s he is said to have remarked, “Nowhere have I seen a people so devoted to the mastery of a weapon so useless.””

Now, get this!

 There is no conclusive documented evidence that the yo-yo is derived from, nor even existed in any form intended for use as a weapon. Generating enough force to create a fatal blow with a yo-yo would also be difficult because as the toy is reaching the end of the string it is slowing down. This rumor was possibly started by Tom Ives, Duncan’s PR man in the 1930s. There is speculation that he created the weapon myth during the 1930s fad for the publicity.

Can’t trust anything… now for the vid:

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