Parental Hate

good ol willieThis guy’s parents clearly hated him before he was even out of the womb. More than likely though… they probably didn’t know he would most likely be ridiculed for the rest of his life. This one is filed under Owned for prenatal ownage, as I’m stepping up and assuming he was named before birth.

One thought on “Parental Hate”

  1. My food woe is my older daughter will ask what is for dnneir. Usually I try to make stuff that we have already tried before and they have eaten without threats to their life. Whatever food I tell her is immediately poo-pooed or a grumble starts. Unless of course it is frozen pizza, but even my middle daughter will poo-poo this, so I try to be vague when I explain what is for dnneir. This buys me time to finish it and place it on the table before I get the grumbles of complaints!

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