Why Use Your Feet When You have Hands?

A day in the life of a guy who spends his time upside down.  The video clip is pretty wild and shows a guy going through his day on his hands… this includes going to the bathroom, taking a shower, brushing his teef, going down stairs (!!!!!), doing his daily stuff, then getting ready for bed… and finally… an accidental ball shot to wrap it all up.

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Read a book, Read a book! by Notarapper

This is a really cool video by Bomani D’mite Armah, the song is called Read a Book.
When i first saw this rap i thought it was just some amateur wack youtube vid… but after watching it a couple times I have realized it’s GREAT. There is more to the rap than just the lines being shouted in your face…

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This is what it means to me:

Read a book: This segment is talking about the media and how it brainwashes. An awesome representation is when the video shows some glam-thugs loading guns watching a stupid rap video… then transition to a person — the public — strapped to a chair robot chicken style. I think it is trying to illustrate how the ridiculous messages from media manifest themselves into Continue reading Read a book, Read a book! by Notarapper

Chuck Norris – ACTION Jeans

chuck’s action jeansYep… Good ol Chuck Norris has created some jeans that allow you to round house like a Ranger yet keep those sweet buns looking Fine.  Enter: ACTION JEANS!

One cool thing about these pants are that they are produced by Century… Century is a company who makes lots of different martial arts commodities… so go chuck with your bad ass pants!!