The Entire Story of The “Amen Break”

This is a brilliant “documentary” of the Amen Break.  One of the most widely sampled and used break of all time.  This documentary explains the history behind the break, the fact that this break moved from an underground no name song to a mainstream marketing tool to the legalities behind distributing the break.

If there is anything on this site i think you should spend your time watching, it is this video.

Some people consider all electronic music the same or not even music at all but behind it all there is a creator who aligns all the elements of a song, or break, or sample, kick, snare, vocal, etc… and this is what music, to me, is all about… creating something that sounds good; bottom line.

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Conrad Oberg: 12 Years Old And Blind RIPS Little Wing

Conrad Oberg, 12 yr-old visually impaired, self taught piano and guitar player, performs the Jimi Hendrix classic, “Little Wing.” Conrad was inspired for this instrumental version by Jimi and Stevie Ray Vaughan, as well as several YouTube versions that he’s listened to. Conrad has had quite a few YouTube requests for this song so here it is…he hopes that you like it!

His site is @

Now for the face melting video.. go here: