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Baltimore Cop Goes APE SHIT on A Kid

This is just sad.  A Baltimore cop named Officer Salvatore Rivieri catches some kids who are skate boarding (it’s not a crime!(lol)) in an area they shouldn’t be.. tells them to leave, then goes completely ape shit on one kid.

By ape shit i mean, screaming @ him for no reason, putting him in some kind of choke hold, taking his skate board, and berating for basically nothing.

According to Fox “news”, the surfacing of this video resulted in Officer Rivieri being suspended… but IMO should have resulted in him losing his job and getting a foot to the ass.

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Icey Road Induced Bumper Cars

This is an old video I see every now and then… since it’s winter time now i thought it might be a nice reminder that you should be extra careful whether you are driving in snow/ice conditions or just plain heavy rains.

Anyways, to sum it up, people are sliding down a frozen road making it look like a child’s game of bumper cars. Just about every single car that drives down is 100% owned.

Here is the blurb posted with the video:

A snowstorm on the morning of Jan 16th 2007 left about 3-4 inches of snow and ice on the ground in Portland, Oregon. This is what happens to people with too much confidence in their 4WD and zero experience driving on icy snow.

Video was taken around SW Salmon and 20th Avenue, which is pretty steep (to be fair)

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