10 Ways to RUIN A Picture

Ten fool-proof ways you can absolutely ruin ANY picture… I have to admit, the second pic is pretty damn funny.

Read more to see the full set.

  1. Be the grody chick itchin her craw at the beach.
    Be Nasty
  2. Be that random open mouthed Caucasian who side busted in on a crew takin’ pics.
    Random White Guy
  3. Be the girl who forgot her huge brown wang dildo out on the dresser.
    brown dildo
  4. Be the guy digging for gold behind 3 fine ladies.
    digging for gold
  5. Be albino…. in any picture.
    powder is real
  6. Be the jackass who is OK with bare back riding a statue horse… at a wedding… with stupid hair… shit eating grin… and bare junk resting on top of a filthy object.
    dirty boy
  7. Be three guys acting totally gay instead of manly at a time when acting manly would be the most prudent choice.
    gay sauce
  8. Be the kid who decided to stand up behind two OTHER rows of kids — the day he had a case of “the pukes”.
  9. Be the girl who decided sexy pic time was right after laying cable.
    sexy time is not sexy
  10. Be retarded at the worst possible second.
    stupid face

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