Ronald Jenkees RIPPING IT UP

Damn, this is just an amazing clip.

In this one, Ronald Jenkees has a new beat he’s toying with on his keyboard… and by toying i mean racking up a 12 on the crazy-musical-solo-jam-session scale; and the crazy-musical-solo-jam-session scale only goes up to 10.

I put this one in the DANCE category because i was Dancing!

EDIT:  If you want to check out some of his other music, his store is here.  I just bought his CD and it’s worth the $!

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Machine Thinking by James Burke

This is an enlightening clip from a film by James Burke called ‘Machine Thinking’. This is only a little bit of the original but still very good.

I guess you could say that the point of this video is that things are created in such a systematic way that all originality has been lost. People’s posessions and, if i may add, lives have been shaped into cookie cutter routines that ultimately produce rather than create. Wipe your tears, now.

Source: I stole found this clip on this sweet blog.

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