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Objects Suspended in Air

This stuff is really amazing. At first you might watch these and think ‘so what’ but its truly amazing that by using sound the objects in the videos I have linked below float. I wondering what kind of energy consumption it takes to do this because if it’s low — this might be a cheap and green way to transport things efficiently and possibly cheaply.

Here are the videos. Continue reading Objects Suspended in Air

Space Shuttle Launch — Seen From Space

This is what it looks like when a space shuttle is launched from earth into outer space. These pics were taken from the International Space Station.

[Link To Pics]

[EDIT] Thanks to a comment from DaveNASA (see comments below the full blog post) we have found out this was NOT TAKEN from outer space. Apparently it was taking from 60,000 ft! Thank you for the comment DaveNASA.