McDonalds Subliminal Message!

mcdonalds subliminal messageThis is bullshit. Watch the video below… the guy who recorded it pretty much gives a verbal explanation but what you have is the trailing end of Iron Chef and BAM a big FAT red arches McDonalds logo for only 1 frame.

That is really… Nice.

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0 thoughts on “McDonalds Subliminal Message!”

  1. Crap sticks is more like that: one day ka will wake up from it’s current slumber and realize that mcdicks is just crap on a platter

  2. “You’re” retarded should spend more time learning the rules of the English language and less time insulting people…

    Time to go eat some fries!

  3. i was alredy thinking of going to mcdonalds before i had seen this i probably saw other subliminal messages and my tv dosent even work

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