Alien vs Predator

This has been going around the net, and it’s pretty damn mean, but hilarious so i feel the need to post….

Alien vs Predator

For those who don’t know what Alien vs Predator is, read this excerpt from Wikipedia’s AVP entry:

Aliens versus Predator (both titles abbreviated AvP), is a science fiction / horror fiction series spanning several forms of media. The series is a crossover between two popular movie series about extraterrestrial beings: Alien (whose aliens are known as “xenomorphs”) and Predator (whose aliens are known as the “Predators” or “Yautja” in their native tongue); in Alien vs. Predator, the two species are in conflict with one another. The idea for such a crossover is often thought to have originated from a Xenomorph skull seen as a Predator’s trophy in Predator 2, but Dark Horse Comics published their first Alien vs. Predator story in November 1989, a year before the November 1990 release of Predator 2.

The Alien vs. Predator universe currently consists of computer/video games, comics, several books, and feature films.

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