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  1. My hard drive from an external memory crashed. I sent it to a data recovery company. They said the platters were scrapped off, they could not recover any data. I lost all of my only son’s pictures. I never did a backup and now I am devastated. Is there anything, any way that I could recover my photos? I am desperate…


    I *THINK* that if your platters are scrapped you might be screwed. The heads are not supposed to touch the platters at all and basically turn bits on and off by polarizing bits… it takes no physical contact for this and by scraping the platter i believe the surface that actually holds the data is being defaced.

    I would HATE to lose what you have lost so i would maybe research on the web for forensic data restoration companies and just contact each one, explain your story and ask them if they can do something like only charge you if they DO recover data.

    I think this type of operation will be very expensive but pics of your family/son are pretty important.

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