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How To: Put an Elevator In Express Mode

This is a cool elevator hack but I should warn that it doesn’t apply to ALL elevators. Basically what happens is when you put the elevator in “express mode” it will goto the floor you want without making any other stops. So for example if you are on floor 1 and want to goto floor 55, you hit the 55 button, hold down Door Close for a few sec and the elevator should zoom up there without stopping for anyone else.

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Geeky Way to Hold Your Pi(e)

pi(e) plate!hehehe… this is a cool way to eat your Pi(e)!

Someone took the liberty to make a Pie plate with the Pi symbol on it.  There are many layers of humor here… as you probably know, pi (3.41) is the ratio between a circle’s circumference (around it) to it’s diameter (across) so putting the numbers around the plate is pretty witty imo.


I Found Your Diskette…

magnet on disk

Read the caption on this image… if you don’t understand the humor then you are not geeky enough and you need to upgrade your pocket protector with the latest Mega Protector 9000.

And the caption says:

Hello dear,

I found the disk you were so frantically looking for yesterday.

OK, OK…. I won’t leave you out, basically a diskette is made from a piece of plastic with iron oxide on it. Iron oxide is a ferromagnetic material which just means if you expose it to a magnetic field, it will stay permanently magnetized. And yes, i did say ferromagnetic. 🙂

So when you save something on a disk what happens is little particles of that iron oxide are magnetized to indicate if it represents a 1 or a 0. Binary!

This nice lady just put a magnet on her husband’s disk — which he had been frantically searching for — and most likely scrambled everything on that disk. Oops!

Retarded Geek Tattoo

html tatDamn, you have to be a jackass to get this tattoo. I’ll admit it is pretty clever but what would happen when the HTML spec changes? BLAM, instant jackass!

If you don’t understand why this is “clever” here is the quick and dirty: the “HEAD” tag is an HTML tag that is used to put meta data about a web page or things like it’s title, etc. Below the “HEAD” comes the “BODY” tag which is used to put like 99% of the content you see when viewing the page via a web browser…

So he closed the “HEAD” tag right below his dome, and opened the “BODY” tag above his body.